Monday, November 9, 2009


The words "God either is or he isn't" have never meant more to me.

My son, Anthony, has been down with the flu since last Tuesday. The poor thing really wants to get back to classes and his darn fever was back again this morning. I've been blessed to just be his "mom" this past week and give him the TLC that he needed and deserves. I try so hard to trust that God will take care of him and return him to good health, but there have been days (and tough nights) that I was filled with worry.

As I was on the porch talking to God this morning, my neighbor stopped by during her walk and asked me to pray for her grandson Ryan, 9 months old, who is having a blockage removed from his heart this morning. I instantly had a perspective change. Rather than worrying about Anthony, my heart and my prayers turned to little Ryan and to his family. The doctors were doing tests on Ryan last week so that they could surgically remove a cyst on his eye. When they couldn't find a good pulse from his foot to his hip, they did more testing and found that he had a blockage to his little heart. You talk about a God thing! This heart condition wouldn't have been diagnosed had he not had that little cyst on his eye.

I said to my neighbor, "don't worry. God's got him!" I gave her a couple of my Serenity Sacs (God Bags) for her and Ryan's mom which seemed to bring her a bit of peace. Before she left, I also quoted "God either is or he isn't Mary Ann."

You talk about a perspective change. I have compelling evidence of God working in my life and the life of my family and my friends in AA, but there are still those days or situations where I just can't trust (well, I just DON'T trust). Saying that to her this morning renewed my trust and I sat there with this amazing sense of peace.

It's amazing to me that in helping others, I receive help. God is so so good!

Have a blessed day and please keep Ryan in your prayers.



  1. I will say a prayer for little Ryan and what a blessing that they found that blockage. I am also praying for you and Anthony, that our Lord will heal him soon.

  2. What a wonderful story, God certainly worked through those circumstances, blessings to you x