Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OK, OK God. I see you!

I don't know if it's because I'm a mom or because I'm a worry wart or because I'm a control freak but my biggest struggle over the past few months has been letting our 22 year old son run his own life and live with the consequences.

Every time I stop trusting God and think that "my way will make things better" I end up creating so much chaos in my household. My son gets ticked and I get hurt by his anger. The line "lather, rinse, repeat" comes to mind. Geez will I ever get it!?

Lately I've been doing a better job of giving him to God and staying the heck out of the way. Just this week Anthony started a new job, got good grades on his college papers, and met all of his responsibilites. And guess what, I did nothing to make this happen except to pray.

I try hard to remember that God has a journey already planned out for Anthony just as he had one for me. Maybe by writing it on paper and reminding myself of all the miracles I've already witnessed, I'll be able to continue on this path and fully trust. I pray so.


  1. So true and necessary at every point...even when they're little...prayer is so vital!

  2. It's so hard to let go. Our son is 15 and we're just starting to let up a little bit. I know it's going to be very hard for us when he gets older. Bloomfield Beads

  3. Boy can I relate! I'm going through struggle and heartache with my 22 year old daughter...she's making some bad life decisions and I want so much to jump in and say "No, don't do that!" but I know she does not want my help or advice, so I am trying to stand on the sidelines and hard to do!